Dry Foodie Shelter at The Wet Lizard!

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Sweet Belize!

Hot weather, friendly people, and yummy food!  With a culture mixed with Caribbean and Spanish, this country has a mix to gather their culinary skills from.  On my quick visit this year I had to try at least ONE of their tasty snacks.  The place of eats, The Wet Lizard Restaurant.

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Located on the port of Belize City this restaurant offers fresh seafood, a nice view of the ocean, and a gift shop upon entry.  Before even going in the restaurant you receive a buy one get one for your drinks.  Nice!




Showcasing a simple menu of drinks, starters, seafood, dessert, and “a bit of everything” Wet Lizard keeps it simple for tourist and locals alike.  Prices are very reasonable, meaning for $40 U.S. dollars you can get a good-sized meal for two. What caught my groups attention were The Wet Lizards Famous Fritters Conch.  We seen someone walk by with it and were determined to try.  The last time I had conch was April 2012 in Jamaica as the chaser in a drink (seriously) so I couldn’t pass this up.  In addition to the conch we also ordered the Coconut Shrimp, which were shrimp dipped in coconut, fried to perfection, and served with “secret” coconut sauce and coleslaw.  My mouth became a human waterfall as I waited.

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Both starters came out together leaving only the questions of, “which one first?”  I started with the fritters, which were soooooo yummy!  Within the fritters were mixed veggies.  I tasted the onion and tomato and LOVED IT!  Accompanied with some homemade tartar sauce this meal was off to a good start!

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Then I had the shrimp.  O. M. G!  Not only were the shrimp a good size but they were also juicy, fresh, AND amazing when dipped in the coconut sauce.  That sauce was fantastic!  So sweet and tangy.  Funny enough I’m not even a huge coconut fan.  The coleslaw was surprising as well.  It wasn’t full of mayo like I’m used to, but instead had a vinaigrette base.  So good!


Although I didn’t get anything to drink besides water the restaurant has a full bar with many options to enjoy.  Seems Rum Punch was a high seller.  Not too surprising though, it’s both Central America AND the Caribbean!


Xo Belize, til next time!



Wet Lizard

Fort St, Belize City, Belize

+501 223-5973

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