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This is so good!

Are you looking for a sweet tea that tastes just like McDonald’s that you can make right at home? 

Well, keep on reading and I’ll show you my McDonald’s Sweet Tea Recipe / McDonald’s Sweet Tea Copycat! 

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So first and foremost, Happy 2022 everyone!

Recently I went to McDonald’s and I thought to myself after ordering a sweet tea, “hmmm…” I wanna make my own version. So, here’s what I came up with. 

To get started first grab all your ingredients.

You need:

-3 Lipton Black Tea Teabags

-1 cup of sugar

-4.5 cups of water

-Optional: Lemon

Now this recipe roughly makes a liter, but if you need more, double it up!

Allow the three tea bags to steep in hot water for about seven minutes. After seven minutes, add in your cup of sugar and stir with a whisk. Allow to cool then transfer into the fridge before serving. I let mine cool for an hour and then transferred it to chill for about three hours. 

And if you desire, add lemon.  

That’s it!

You have to tell me how you like this tea!

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