Are you looking for a couple of different eats that you could try out in Vancouver? 

Well, keep on reading and I’ll tell you my picks on where you should eat in Vancouver and Burnaby!

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So I had the pleasure to visit British Columbia and it was such a beautiful experience. I cannot wait to go back!

-I can’t wait to snowboard there

– I cannot wait to do more eating, and…

-I can not wait to do more shopping

I just want to go back and do all the things.

But first let’s focus on the food. Let’s start off with Burnaby.

So while I was staying in Burnaby, I actually had the pleasure to try this delicious Japanese restaurant. I’m not even going to try to say the name (Kamamarui Ramen & Udon) because I know I’m going to butcher it.  But what I will definitely tell you is that the ramen is super duper good.

Watch the video on youtube here!

Now I got the new Chicken Tantan and it was so delicious. That chicken soup base was so flavorful. I loved how they perfectly cooked that soft boiled egg, mixing it in with those crunchy green onions. That delicious, well cooked, spicy pork and the earthy ear mushrooms –AKA black fungus– brought it all together in this wonderful bowl of  happiness. 

This Japanese restaurant located in Burnaby Heights, right on Hastings, delivers authentic flavorful Japanese cuisine. 

Mmmmm! They have some really, really good ramen. I truly cannot wait to go back. 

The second location that I checked out in Burnaby was actually Waves Coffee Shop. What I love about Waves is their whole mission statement; “your place to connect”. I love that they’re big on community and they offer sustainable coffee. It’s just really humanistic. 

With over 34 chain locations, all across BC and Alberta, I really truly hope that Waves gets to spread across all of Canada.

From this coffee shop I decided to go with the Berry Oatmeal Muffin. This muffin was so moist on the inside with big berries and yet semi firm with the crumble on the outside. I’d love to try to recreate this Berry Oatmeal Muffin at home. Although I didn’t get to completely submerge myself into this coffee shop, within the matter of minutes that I was there, I was able to not only feel that local coffee shop vibe, but I was also able to get that ‘elevated’ coffee shop experience. 

Next up: Sophie’s on Kitsilano! 

Now to be completely honest when I saw Sophie’s on the corner of West 4th, I thought to myself, “I really want to eat there!” Seriously it drew me in and I’m so happy that I went there to eat. 

Sophie’s Cosmic Cafe is a retro time capsule screaming with bold, loud colors, tied in with amazing comfort food and a wonderful vintage vibe. 

I mean, I knew exactly as I walked in, I was going to get served something scrumptious.

Lucky for me I actually got the special of the day, which was the Steak & Eggs Benedict served with a delicious Balsamic Reduction. 

So, so good. 

The delicious home fries definitely held their space, but the star of the show was truly the Flat-Iron Steak served on artisan bread. And with both hollandaise sauce and the balsamic reduction, this was a breakfast of champs. 

While in town, I actually did a little research and found out about a tea parlor within the area. Funny enough, while I was at Sophie’s, someone recommended this exact same tea parlor to me. So I had to check it out. 

Neverland Tea Salon is the White Rabbit’s dream turned into a reality and all made possible by two childhood friends.  Appealing to tea lovers of all ages, with delicious snacks and goodies this tea salon is all about decadence yet has a whimsical flair. 

Since I was stuffed from lunch I could not partake in any type of tea time. Although that Mad Hatter seemed absolutely delightful. 

Instead, I just got two bags of loose tea. I grabbed the December Rose, which is a wonderful tea, no matter what time of year. As well as the Ginger Spice, which offers light spice notes with a comforting black tea balance. 

Of course, no trip could be complete to Vancouver without a visit to Granville Island. This is where I want to do more of that shopping I was telling you about. 

Unfortunately, when I got there, a lot of the shops were closed. However, it was the perfect time to eat. 

Kaisereck is a German deli or delicatessen in the public market.

I don’t know what it was, but I saw schnitzel and I absolutely had to have a schnitzel.

Now I don’t know much about schnitzels, but what I do know is that was delicious. 

That sandwich was so good. Granted, I substituted the sauerkraut for pickles because I didn’t want any. I was a little scared in fairness, I was a little scared of the sauerkraut. Next time I’ll get it on the side just to try it. But that sandwich was absolutely amazing. 

Delicious thin breaded pork on a kaiser bun with mayo, german mustard and sauteed onions. 

I saved half of it for the next day. It was so perfect, even the next day. I just can’t wait to have another one. 

So good!

The last place that I actually tried while I was out in Vancouver…get ready for it!…

This one actually brings me so much joy and it wasn’t necessarily a “try” because I’m already familiar with this company, but I’m so happy it was Joe & The Juice!

I absolutely love Joe & The Juice. In general, I recommend from Joe & The Juice; I love any of the tuna sandwiches. Specifically what I tried when I was actually there was the amazing, tasty Stress Down smoothie. Apple, strawberry, ginger, and ice. Can anything be more refreshing? 

It was everything that I needed. It was the perfect way to actually conclude my trip to the fabulous British Columbia. I love Joe & The Juice, I love, love, love, love, love Joe & The Juice so much! Love it!

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