Looking to make your own Disneyland Monte Cristo right at home?  Well click here and I’ll show you my DIY on how to make an original Monte Cristo, just like at Disneyland.

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So I’ve been interested in Monte Cristo’s ever since college, and I decided if I’m going to make a Monte Crisco, it’s going to be just like at Disneyland. 

Here’s what you’ll need for this recipe:



1 1/4 cups water

1  egg

1 cup flour

1 teaspoon baking powder

Sprinkle of salt



2-3 slices of turkey (smoked)

2-3 slices of ham  (black forest)

1 slice Swiss cheese

1 slice cheddar or gouda cheese



First, mix your batter. 

Add your water with your egg and whisk.  Combine your flour with your salt and your baking powder.

Begin to combine your dry ingredients with your wet ingredients, then let that sit to the side. 

This batter is good for 4 Monte Cristo’s and should be the same texture as pancake batter.

Now for the bread.

Cut the edges off of your bread. You’ll need 3 slices for 1 sandwich.

Place on your condiments, then layer your meats and cheeses. 

I’m using cheddar, but you can always use Gouda.  

To secure your sandwich in place stick toothpicks down in each corner at an angle.

Once your sandwich is assembled and your toothpicks are holding everything together, begin to… dip it in the batter!

Cook your sandwich on the medium to medium high heat for roughly three minutes per side, or until golden. And don’t forget to press your sandwich.

Once the sandwich is fried, allow it to dry on a wired rack and or paper towel. 

Remove your toothpicks and cut in half.  Serve with raspberry jam and powdered sugar. 

It’s so good!

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