Looking to keep your kettle at home clean from any type of hard watermarks? Well keep on reading and I’ll tell you how I clean my kettle at home naturally.  

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So if you have a glass kettle at home or any kind of electrical kettle you’ll know, just like my glasses on my face, it’s hard to keep them clean. However, never fear! I’ll show you my pretty easy DIY, how I keep my kettle clean at home. 

Solution one: one lemon.

Cut your lemon in half and then into quarters.  Rub each quarter all over the kettle.

Boil and allow to sit for roughly 1 hour.

Now, if your limescale is really stubborn after using that lemon, don’t worry. You can either apply the process again, or you can move on to something a little bit more heavy duty, such as, solution two: vinegar.

Pour 1 cup vinegar into the kettle. Boil and let sit for 20 minutes.  Results: Spotless kettle!