Are you looking for a perfect popcorn recipe? 

Well, keep on reading and I’ll tell you my DIY perfect, easy popcorn. 

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I have been craving homemade popcorn, and I decided I’m going to create a little recipe and share it on my youtube channel. 

Here’s what you need for this recipe:

Tara’s Homemade Popcorn

3 tbsp olive oil

1/2 cup kernels

1/4 tsp lawry’s seasoning salt

3 tbsp salted butter

First thing you’ll do is pour your oil and seasoning salt into the pot.  Put three kernels in the pot with a top on and turn the stove to medium high.  Shake the pot every once in a while and listen for all three kernels to pop.  

Add the rest of the kernels in and take off of the heat for 30 seconds; shaking around to evenly coat the kernels in the oil with the salt. Then place it back on the heat. Start to shake your pot fairly frequently with the lid cracked a tiny bit, just to get a little bit more crisp to your popcorn.

Wait until you hear the popping slowly down to about every fifteen seconds before you remove it from the flame.

Melt your butter now.

So now my butter it was melted and my popcorn is popped, let’s put it all together!

You guys have to stop buying store-bought popcorn…Now! 

The Larry’s adds that extra bit of flavor.  Add that melted butter, it’s everything!

Watch the video here!