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Are you looking to make Sonic’s Cherry Limeade right at home? 

Well keep on reading and I’ll show you my DIY version on how to make Sonic’s Cherry Limeade. 

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So since moving to another city, I must say, I am yearning for a Sonic’s. I don’t know where there is one and I haven’t necessarily been digging around, but if there’s one thing I know I really, really, really, really want to have again, is that Cherry Limeade. So I decided, well, let me DIY it!

For this drink, you need:


Lemon wedges 

An iced glass

And my secret ingredient: sour cherry juice 

Cut the lime into wedges and apply two to your glass. Fill the glass with 1/4 cup of your sour cherry juice. 

Then at your discretion, fill the rest of your glass with Sprite.

Give her a swirl and enjoy!

My feedback:

Oh my gosh. It’s just so good. The sour cherry just turns it up. I feel electrified! I can like suck this down.  I just feel like a big kid. 

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