Looking to make your own Jack Daniel’s sauce right at home? Well keep on reading and I’ll show you my take on making your own Jack Daniel’s barbecue sauce. 

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So I wanted a sauce that was quick and easy, but at the same time, but it required a little bit of simmering. And this is what I ended up coming up with on how to make your own Jack Daniel’s sauce right at home. 

So first thing first, you need one cup of Jack Daniels whiskey. 


-one cup ketchup 

-half a teaspoon of garlic powder 

-two tablespoons of hot sauce

-two tablespoons of worchestire sauce

and finally, half a cup of brown sugar. 

Take all your ingredients and mix them in a small saucepan. 

Bring the sauce to boil on a low simmer for 25 minutes.  With about two minutes remaining in the sauce give it a nice stir.


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