Are you looking to make your own Starbucks Pink Drink right at home? 


Well, keep on reading and I’ll give you my take on how to make your own D.I.Y Pink Drink right in your kitchen.  Click here to watch on youtube!


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First, you have to make the strawberry puree.


On low heat in a saucepan combine two cups of frozen strawberries with one fourth cup of sugar. Cook the berries until they start to break down, which will roughly take close to 30 minutes. Once the berries have broken down, allow them to cool and once cooled, add them to a blender or food processor. Keep chilled until ready to use.


Step 2, steep your tea. 


I’m personally using Tetley’s Pomegranate Green Tea.


Steep two teabags in one cup of hot water for at least five minutes.  To increase the strength, allow the tea to then sit for at least four hours in your fridge. 


Step three, mix in the cream.


Add one cup coconut milk to one third cup strawberry puree.  Mix it all up and put it to the side. 


Step four, combine and pour. 


Combine your one cup of pomegranate green tea to your coconut and strawberry puree mixture. Give that a stir and then pour over one cup of ice.


This taste absolutely perfect! 


This is very good to me because I actually enjoy tasting the berries in the drink itself. 



Watch the video HERE!