Looking for a quick refreshing Arnold Palmer that’s going to satisfy your quench during the summer? 


We’ll keep on reading and I’ll tell you how I make this easy, do it yourself Arnold Palmer, right at home. 

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Now, the first time I ever had an Arnold Palmer was probably like an Arizona Iced Tea, and I thought to myself, this is really good. However, with a little bit of research, I’ve been able to perfect the Arnold Palmer and want to share with you.


For this recipe you need: 

4 English breakfast tea bags

One cup of simple syrup

One cup of lemon juice

One cup of lemon 

One lemon, as well as the zest 

Half a lemon

Roughly two cups ice cubes 

And a tea kettle filled with boiling water 


Connect the tea bags together and allow them to sit in your kettle.


Pour the hot water over the teabags, into the kettle and set aside to steep for roughly five minutes.  While the tea is steeping it’s time to make the lemonade.


Add in a blender, one cup simple syrup, lemon juice, one cup lemon, zest, ice cubes, and then pulse it until it’s almost a slush consistency. 


If you’re not ready to serve your ice lemonade with your tea, just yet place it into the freezer.