Have you ever had Raising Canes? 

Are you obsessed with their sauce like I am? 

Stick around and I’m going to show you how to make your own Raising Cane’s sauce, right at home. 

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So back in 2014, I was working right next door to a Raising Cane’s restaurant and I absolutely love that sauce. I love the bread. I like the chicken. It’s a really good sauce. And I said, well, here I am now away from any and all Raising Canes and I absolutely have to make this sauce. 


For this recipe you’ll need: 

-half a cup of mayo

-one fourth cup ketchup 

-one fourth teaspoon of garlic powder

-a couple of sprinkles of black pepper

-one fourth teaspoon of white, Worcheshire sauce 

-and my secret ingredient is half a teaspoon of Lawry’s seasoning salt. 


Stir up your ingredients until the mixture is nice and even. Don’t forget to rub the sides otherwise you’ll notice clumps of mayo in your sauce.  Once you’ve mixed to your liking, set it in the fridge for up to an hour before serving. 


So this is the sauce. A nice little bit of it. I took some out so that I can have it with my chicken, but it is amazing.  Moment of truth, will it actually taste just like Cane Sauce? Let’s see…smells like Cane Sauce.


Oh, that’s so good!  Dare I say, it was a little better than Cane’s Sauce! 


Enjoy the video!