Thinking about making a refreshing slushie at home? 


Well, keep on reading and I’ll show you how to make this DIY Mountain Dew Slushie.

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With summer right around the corner —AKA Here— I thought to myself, I would like to vamp up on my drink options. I want to have parties. I want people to stop by and serve multiple different beverages, including a Mountain Dew Slushie. 


This slushie is sweet, it’s icy and absolutely refreshing! And it actually tastes just like something you’re going at 7-Eleven!


For this recipe freeze two trays of Mountain Dew ice cubes. After the ice cubes have set for a few hours, transfer one tray into your blender. 

While the cubes are in the blender, start to make your Mountain Dew Mix consisting of one cup Mountain Dew and one fourth cup of sugar.


Whisk until sugar is dissolved.


Pour mixture on top of the ice cubes and blend. If you’d like your drink to have more slush add more Mountain Dew. This not only changes the consistency, but will also lessen the sweetness. 



It’s so good. I feel like I’m back at like a 7-Eleven. It’s really sweet, but tolerable.


Three options you have for sweetness: cut down on the sugar, or add more Mountain Dew to your mix, or add more Mountain Dew to your blender. 


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