Are you searching for a new recipe for your instant pot? Today I threw together this quick and easy quinoa recipe and I’m going to show you how you can make the exact same thing right at home. 


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Now, this recipe is very, very versatile. With a switch of liquid it can easily become vegetarian friendly. This recipe is fast, it’s flavorful and can be used either as a main course or just a side dish. With just a couple of clicks you can have yourself a quinoa and veggie meal right at home. 

First add two cups of mixed vegetables. They could be fresh, they could be frozen. You could use what I have or you could get creative and add in your own. 

Mixed Thai Vegetables:


Baby corn


Sugar Snap Peas


Red Peppers


Next, you’ll add in half a can of black beans, one cup of rinsed quinoa and one cup of chicken broth. You can always substitute this out for vegetable broth if you’d like. 

Quick question: Is this your first time making quinoa at home? Comment down below. 

Next you’ll add in ¾ cup of tomato sauce. You could also use tomato paste if you’d like it to be a bit thicker. One teaspoon of Sazon with Saffron in it, and finally stir it all up. 

Hit the pressure cooker option on your instant pot and set it for one minute on high. Once the pressure cooker is off, allow it to stand for 18 minutes while keeping the lid closed. This allows for the heat inside of the pressure cooker—the instant pot—to continue to build and cook the quinoa thoroughly. After 18 minutes, open up your instant pot and, tada! Your quinoa is ready!

It’s all done! And look at this, it’s so perfect! 

It’s done and it is delicious!

Now, wait a second! What if you don’t know what to make this with? If you want to have it as your actual side versus a main course, check out my other videos and get by my recipes. 

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