Looking to spice up your quinoa, but don’t know how? We’ll stay tuned. I’ll show you how I cook my quinoa with chicken broth and how you can too. 

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This is one of the easiest ways to add flavor to your quinoa without sacrificing the nutty, grainy essence that you’re looking for and best part of all, you’re not adding any additional salt. Nope, I promise no extra salt to this recipe and I’ll show you soon why. 

For this recipe, you only need two ingredients and a couple of measuring cups. If chicken broth isn’t your thing, you could always use vegetable broth instead.  

Start off with one cup of quinoa rinsed. 

Add it to two cups of chicken broth on your stove top.

Bring the chicken broth and the quinoa to a boil. Once your chicken broth and quinoa come to a boil, reduce your heat and allow it to cook for 15 minutes. I’m using a convection stove, so I reduced my heat down to the number three.

Quick fun question:

Do you regularly use quinoa as your side dish? Comment below. 

Once your quinoa has cooked fluff with a fork, and let stand for about two minutes before serving. 


Tada! Now you’ve made perfect quinoa with chicken broth, congratulations!  As you can see, the color is a little bit more yellow than before cooking and that’s because of the chicken broth of course, but you could always use veggie broth, chicken broth, anything that you’d actually like to make this a bit more flavorful.

Now, if you advance from stove top to a pressure cooker, don’t worry, my next video I’ll show you how to make quinoa in an instant pot.

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