Scared to Cook Octopus? Don’t Be! Here’s How!

Always wondered how to cook tender, cut with a fork, octopus tentacles at home? Keep on reading and I’ll share with you my recipe on how I make delicious restaurant style octopus tentacles right in my kitchen.

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So my friend Georgette recently asked me, she said, “Tara, how do I get delicious octopus that’s not chewy and rubbery tasting?”

And I’m here to let you know I searched high, I searched low, and I have found the perfect way to cook octopus tentacles with no chewy taste. I actually did some research and now I want to share my recipe with you and the world.

Step one, rinse your octopus thoroughly in the sink.

Step two, dunk your room temperature octopus three times into boiling water. This suggestion comes from Ask Chef Tony’s channel. Do not place your octopus directly from the fridge into boiling water or you will get that chewy texture we don’t want. So keep that octopus out for just a little bit and then dunk it in three times while keeping it submerged for 3 seconds. 

Boil for an hour and 30 minutes on medium heat.

While you’re boiling your sea creature, make your marinade. I let my octopus marinade overnight for best flavor results or at minimum, an hour.

Here’s my ingredients for my octopus marinade:

1 cup olive oil

1 teaspoon Original Mrs. Dash

1/2 teaspoon Sazon

1/2 teaspoon Lawry’s

Fresh cracked black pepper

1 clove of garlic

Sprinkle of powdered garlic

And now it’s time for the grill!

Remember your octopus is already cooked. All you’re doing is getting it a bit charred before serving. Once your octopus is charred to your liking, you can use your marinade as a sauce on the side for your octopus or glaze on top after warming it up from the fridge or directly right on the grill.

And that’s it!
Your delicious grilled octopus that you just made in your own home! I personally like mines with nothing on the side, but what would you add if you could?

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