Rum and Cake Party with Mayan Fiesta Rum Cakes!

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Have you tried rum cake?  If so, do you LIKE rum cake?

Answers to those questions may vary, but what remains constant is that rum cake exist, period.

I LOVE rum cake.  Coming from a Jamaican family I don’t think I really had a choice (I’m sure I did).  Every Christmas and Easter I’m guaranteed, if at no other point in the year, a piece of that dark moist goodness.  But about last year I found out something quite impressive about rum cake in Cozumel, Mexico:

  1. The cake color could actually be yellow, and
  2. You can make different FLAVORS!


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of ALL AGES I present to you Mayan Fiesta Rum Cake Co.!


With their two awesome slogans of “it’s Rum O’Clock somewhere!” and “The Rummiest!”  this company delivers a rum cake containing FOUR TIMES the rum usually used in rum cake taking away the need for water.  That’s right, this rum cake is made with NO water, just rum!  So cool!


When I tried a sample last year I bought one mini cake for under $9 to bring back to the states.  This year I bought 6 so my family and I could try out other flavors!

Perks about the small cakes:

–       You can eat it all yourself OR share the rum

–       They store easily in your luggage

–       You can try MULTIPLE flavors and eat a whole cake at the same time! (yes, I’m greedy)


Of all the flavors we purchased I LOVED the Lime Margarita and Banana Crème best. I enjoyed the taste of bananas in this rum cake; it’s not overbearing or faint, but just right!  As for the Lime Margarita, something about it reminded me of Jamaican Rum Cake, which was a treat because I enjoyed this snack just before the holidays.  Both cakes equally moist and full of bold flavor!  How does this family run company keep their cakes so tasty is a great secret that I’m happy I can devour.


My niece’s hand modeling

Although the company’s website is under construction, you can still phone order from them and get your product shipped!  It’s so worth the S&H. Nothing like arriving home and having food waiting for you to eat it on your doorstep.


Mayan  Fiesta Rum Cakes Co.

Av. Rafael E. Melgar,

Cozumel 77600, Mexico



2 thoughts on “Rum and Cake Party with Mayan Fiesta Rum Cakes!

  1. Just bought 6 assorted cakes at the store in Cozumel. I will be a lifetime customer.

    Thanks for a Great Cake!!

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