Impromptu Teatime at L.A. Burdick!


Teatime in Boston is hard to orchestrate without planning.  Some places require reservations ahead of time, meanwhile some prices are worth it ONLY on a special occasion.  However, if you’re in the mood for a pot of tea and pastries in a non-rushed environment L.A. Burdick is the place to go!


I stumbled upon this location in the Back Bay area a couple of months ago while walking around Newbury St. after some shopping.  I fell in love with the set up and bright décor, and also with the idea that you can sit and have a pot of tea.  The other highlight for me is that L.A. Burdick is a European inspired Handmade Chocolate company!  They have holiday chocolates, bonbons, mice and penguins, drinking chocolate, bars and confections!  This location is split as both a coffee shop and a chocolate store. Lucky me!

IMG_2739 IMG_2757

Dating back to their 1st location in New York City 1987, L.A. Burdick has brought to the East Coast handmade delicacies that are perfect for enjoying with a cup of tea, coffee, or even a glass of champagne.  There are now, “several cafés and chocolate shops, a French-style restaurant and small specialty grocery store.”  Locations vary throughout Boston, New York City, and Walpole New Hampshire.

IMG_2738 IMG_2737

Will attempting to have tea and conversation I stopped in here with a friend.  Because we wanted the moment to resemble a chill version of high tea, we ordered two pastries to share with our pot.  The lucky two of the day were the Linzer Torte Slice and Burdick’s Slice.  For tea, to keep the atmosphere relaxing we ordered Peppermint.  Tea is served as a pot of hot water with a bag on the side on a dish.  We placed the bag right in the center of the pot.

Things to know when having tea at L.A. Burdick:


  1. It can get VERY BUSY! Have your companion grab a table ASAP if you’d like to dine in so you can place your order.
  2. You CANNOT have a pot of tea UNLESS you have a Table!  This is why it’s important to follow step #1.
  3. The noise volume can get quite high.  Don’t treat this experience as the end all for tea time if you’re looking for a quiet location.  Just relax, settle in and enjoy the company of your guest. 🙂


Our pastries arrived first and they looked as good as they tasted.  The Linzer Torte contains almonds, spices, a layer of raspberry jam and is coated with sugar.  On Valentine’s Day THIS is the cake for “cozy celebrating”.  I loved the texture of this treat.  The jam wasn’t too thick or goopy.  The nuts really made the dessert come together with a crumbly crust.


Next was Burdick’s Slice filled with layers of japonaise (a baked meringue flavored with nuts) and rum ganache.  The japonaise was like shortbread in-between the chocolate.  So sweet and creamy.  Great for lovers of dense chocolate.

IMG_2748 IMG_2747

One of the best moments this experience was knowing I got so much for less than I would typically pay.  I shared a pot of tea for $4.75 and enjoyed two pastries for $4 apiece making my total a whopping $13.64.  Not bad for a quick fix in the city.  Next time I’m there I’m buying the drinking chocolate so I can bring in the holidays with a gourmet treat.  Mixy Mixy!


L.A. Burdick

220 Clarendon Street, Boston, MA

(617) 303-0113


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