Brunchin’ At Scollay Square!!!

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Sometimes I want something simple and comforting when I go out to eat.  Nothing beats simplicity when you’re either on a budget or just want to stay low-key.  In perfect accord I’ll introduce Scollay Square on Beacon Hill.

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Serving up American comfort food since 1992, Scollay Square provides a very inviting environment, making it perfect for hanging out with friends or stopping in for a solo bite.  Apart of the Legendary Restaurant Group since 2004, the owners Brad Dalbeck and Chris Damian run 5 other restaurants in addition to : Papagayo (My FAV!), Burger Dive, Max & Dylans, SiP Wine Bar + Kitchen, and Avery Provision Company.

Brunch is available Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 2pm.  With an easy to follow menu, patrons are left with minimal questions regarding terminology.  Ahh, the simplicity of American dining.

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Pricing starts from $6.5 to $19.  That’s it, nothing higher than that!  Considering being located in the heart of Downtown Boston the prices are amazing, and Scollay prides themselves on offering, “reasonable prices”.  Seeing that I wanted something straightforward I picked the English Muffin Egg Sandwich that came with Canadian Bacon (smoked ham), Jack Cheese and Hash Browns.  See, right to the point!

Now, one of the coolest features of Scollay Square and what brought me to check it out is there “Make Your Own Bloody Mary Bar”!


How does it work?

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You choose your vodka at the main bar then head over to the set up bar.  This bar is used to garnish your BM how ever you’d like with the offerings of 3 types of tomato juice, all kinds of spices and hot sauces (e.g. the colon cleanser), as well as different veggie and fruit toppers.  Since I have yet to try a Bloody Mary I went STRAIGHT for their $4 Mimosa.

DSCN0618 DSCN0617 DSCN0619

Not much time later from ordering my sandwich arrived!  I wasn’t expecting the salad on the side but thought it was a nice touch to a potentially unhealthy breakfast.  I loved the portions.  I’m all about proper portions.  My sandwich fit nicely in my hand.

DSCN0600 DSCN0604 DSCN0603 DSCN0608

On to the taste.  Usually I salt and pepper my eggs but not today.  The Jack Cheese gave each bite the right amount of pepper while the bacon gave off some salty traits.  I loved how the hash browns were golden and crispy.   Each bite had a crunch.  This meal, including drink was a wise $11.50 investment!


I plan to revisit Scollay this weekend and go for either the Fillet Mignon Eggs Benedict or the Lobster Eggs Benedict.  With $2 being the only “big” difference it’s up to my mood on what I’ll pick that day.  #winning!


UPDATE: October 19th, 2013

Scollay Square

21 Beacon Street

Boston, MA 02108


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