Cambodian AND French? Elephant Walk!


I’m always trying to broaden my spectrum on food every chance I get.  This is one of the perfect restaurants for hitting two birds with one stone: Elephant Walk!


Opened back in 1991, Elephant Walk has a total of 3 locations: Boston, Cambridge, and Waltham.  The first location opened by Bob Perry and Longteine “Nyep” de Monteiro was in Union Square, Somerville on August 20, 1991 the day after Hurricane Bob.



Serving Lunch, Dinner, and Brunch with a respectable wine menu Elephant Walk aims to please.  The bright, upbeat appearance and decorates of Elephants takes your mind on a mini vacation outside the city.


After years of wanting to eat one of their locations I finally had my chance in Cambridge.

The menu is split between two cultures but one is further broken down to “Traditional Cambodian” and “Original Cambodian”.  What’s the difference?  Traditional Cambodian are foods widely known throughout Cambodian culture and can be found at other restaurants.  Original Cambodian however are foods made by the chefs in house using traditional ingredients and techniques, but you can ONLY find those meals at Elephant Walk.  Love it!

Warm Bread to Start!

Most Cambodian recipes at the restaurant come from the founding chef and author of The Elephant Walk Cookbook, Longteine “Nyep” de Monteiro.  Nyep’s daughter, Nadsa de Monteiro has brought in most of the French recipes.  These are some very talented ladies.

Since I HAD to have a mix of both worlds I had Cambodian as a starter and French as my entrée and dessert.  I was so excited for dinner that night!

Prices on the menu range from $8.50 to $23.95.  Not a huge jump.  I ended up drinking Irish Breakfast tea that night which had more depth than English breakfast, but was tasty all the same.

IMG_2240 IMG_2243

Irish Breakfast

First out was my Cambodian Crêpe au Canard et Champignons, a warm crêpe filled with duck braised in Soy-Ginger and Tamarind juices, with Mushroom and Scallion, garnished with Dressed greens.  This dish was So well rounded: great appearance and great taste!  The duck was Very sweet and tender.  I believe it was my first time having duck!  The crepe itself was soft and chewy.  Yum.

IMG_2223 IMG_2221 IMG_2203 IMG_2202 IMG_2210 IMG_2214 IMG_2208

Second out was my entrée, Steak Grillé, Jus de Boeuf au Vin Rouge, a Grilled Flat Iron Steak, Red Wine Beef Jus, sautéed Yukon Gold new Potatoes, Zucchini and baby Portabella.  The steak was nice and tender.  I liked the amount of salt and butter used in this dish.  There was a good balance.

IMG_2239 IMG_2236 IMG_2227 IMG_2224 IMG_2226

And finally, the cherry on top (not literally) of my best of both worlds combination was my dessert, Moka Liègeois, consisting of two traditional French desserts revisited: combining chocolat liegeois and cafe liegeois. Layered Almond, Coffee and Chocolate Cake with Coffee and Chocolate ice creams, served with mocha sauce.  This is how you finish a meal!  The espresso at the bottom of the dish was quite potent, but not overbearing.  The fingers were delicious and perfectly soaked due to the melting ice cream.

IMG_2260 IMG_2254 IMG_2253 IMG_2250

This location is perfect for the common MBTA commuter or driver.  A short walk from Porter Square on the Red Line or a convenient parking location behind the building, Elephant Walk leaves their guest comfortable.

I see why this business has been around since the 90’s.  Quality food NEVER goes out of style!

The Elephant Walk

2067 Massachusetts Avenue

Cambridge, MA 02140



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