SHUTTER: Bubble T-Zone!!!


Free Wifi!  Bubble Tea!  Umm, YES!!!

Back in high school I would travel to Harvard Square Cambridge to get a yummy boba slushy from one of my favorite locations.  Thankfully, Bubble T-Zone opened up my graduation year (yup) and now I can go in my backyard for a treat.

Located in Dorchester since 2006, Bubble T-Zone is my convenient go to for the tapioca (bubble or boba) gummy snacks within my slushy or shake.  Open 6 days a week from 10:30am to 6:30pm, closed on Tuesdays, T-Zone offers, “a variety of beverages including shakes, slushes, smoothies and coffee” as stated on their website.  Slushes and Shakes are $3.25 while Smoothies are $3.50. They also offer special desserts like flan, whole coconut pudding, and coco-pandan waffle.  Specialty items are between $1.75 and $4.95.  Want something less complex? Ice cream and ice cream sundaes are available.

IMG_3939 IMG_3941

This cozy advanced coffee shop has a mini seating area, a tv, and did I mention free wifi?

I LOVE boba!  Of course you can go there and get a beverage without tapioca balls if it’s not your thing, but if you like living on the edge, give it a try.  They even have a stamp card; buy 8 get the 9th one free!

Flavored Boba


I’ve tried their Strawberry Slushy, an Avocado Shake (amazing!), and today I’m having a Mango Slushy with boba.  So refreshing.  I love that you not only see them making your slushy, but you also can watch the sealing process.  So cool.  Wish I could get one in my house.

Insta Mango Slushy

What a great way to continue the day.

Suck it up, chew it up, love it!

Bubble T-Zone

1082 Dorchester Ave

Dorchester, MA 02125

(617) 314-9587


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