The Original Tony’s Clam Shop!


Boardwalk restaurants are the best way to go after a day at the beach, each city with a hidden gem.  For me, it took some time to find this one, but I’m so glad I did.  Recommended by a close friend, I went out to try what she described as her favorite seafood stop, and I can see why.  Tony’s Clam Shop not only offers FAST service, but great quality seafood 300 ft from Wollaston Beach in Quincy.

Buzzer while you wait.

Established in 1964 by the Kandalaft family, Tony’s started out as a walk up/take-out stand.   Currently Tony’s can now over 100 customers using their indoor greenhouse dining area and outdoor patio.  Celebrating their 49th year in business this summer, Tony’s has developed a loyal customer base as well as staff.  From a customer standpoint, it’s a no-brainer.

IMG_2085 IMG_2080

I was VERY impressed with the customer service.  One of the managers, Shawn, always has a smile on his face and an upbeat attitude even if the line is out the door.  I’ve eaten here now 3 times and Shawn is always pleasant.  Table turnover is pretty good, meaning you will find a table for eating in rather quickly.   No long waits.

Picture 12 Picture 13

Tony’s menu is full of comfort favorites such as hot dogs and burgers, seafood options, and even Middle Eastern specialties, like tabouli and falafel!  Menu items are a reasonably priced, getting two out of four dollar signs on Yelp ($$).  Although seafood is usually a pricey item anywhere, what you get at Tony’s (regarding portion and taste) makes their numbers acceptable.  I heard the Lobster Salad Roll ($18.95) was a MUST so I ordered one, then added Fried Shrimp ($11.45), and a Fried Clams Strips Plate ($14.95).  I wanted all my favorites, including a Raspberry Lime Rickey.  Not into soft drinks, Tony’s has their liquor license giving customers a variety of beers and wines to choose from.

IMG_2088 IMG_2086

First to my mouth was Shrimp!  My shrimp was great.  Best part, NO TAIL!  I could just eat them whole.  Hot fresh and crunchy on the outside, steamy on the inside.  So glad I didn’t have to share the box.

My instagram Shrimp

Next up was the Clam Strips Plate.  Tony’s won me over with the French Fries alone before even getting to the clams.  I love the cut of the fries. No ketchup needed is a BIG win for me and that’s what I received.  Crispy and golden.

IMG_2094 IMG_2093 IMG_2092 IMG_2090

The clams came out crispy and chewy.  Nothing dry begging for seasoning here.  Salt and Pepper brought out even more flavors.  Insert Homer Simpson Drool HERE!  So good.

And last but not least, Tony’s Famous Lobster Salad Roll.  I’ve had the competitors Lobster Salad for 2 years straight and although it was okay, THIS is where it’s at in Quincy.  Chunky bites of lobster overflowing on a toasted bun.  You NEED a fork to tackle this beast.  I love that there’s no overkill of mayo on the lobster, allowing you to taste and appreciate the crustacean.  My only request NEXT time I dine is no lettuce.  I think it gets in the way of my lobster and roll affair.  My dinner of Champions was complete!

IMG_2114 IMG_2117 IMG_2113

Want a BITE?

IMG_2107 IMG_2106 IMG_2102 IMG_2115

I’ll continue bring my family and friends to Tony’s because I love the well-rounded quality of the restaurant.  It’s something you don’t usually find anymore while getting grub near the beach.  Most places want you in and out to generate more revenue.  Tony’s has a different approach.  Stay Awesome!


Tony’s Clam Shop

861 Quincy Shore Dr

Quincy, MA 02170

(617) 773-5090


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