Take The Walk Down Abby Lane!

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Being a mini theater buff there are three things that make a night for the arts successful: Good Food, Good Drinks, and a Good Performance. Since you can’t control someone’s acting at least one can indulge in the other two areas of the evening.  With this being a fact in my life, I wanted to check out one of my favorite chef’s newest addition to Boston’s theater district since November 2012, Abby Lane! IMG_1997 IMG_1995 IMG_2017 IMG_2016 IMG_2015

Opened 7 days a week from 11:30am-2am (JACKPOT!) this family friendly, date night perfect, after-work cocktails staple is located directly across from the historic Wang Theater, currently know as the Citi Performing Arts Wang Theater.  Not only can someone start their night here before a show, but they can end it here as well.  Sit down dining when you enter with a view of the open kitchen, with a lounge vibe upstairs.  Designer Taniya Nayak did a great job creating this amazing atmosphere of “alluring” meeting “casual”.  Though this was my second time visiting Abby Lane, this would be the experience I so far cherish the most. I stopped in on a Monday evening to check out their latest Monday night menu addition, “Guys and Dolls”.  This special combines 3 oysters with either 3 beer ponies (140ml glass; small beer) or a short bottle of pink champagne for ONLY $20. All smiles here!  I decided to switch up my order a bit.  Depending on if you’re a guy or a “doll” your drink matches the ingredients added to your oysters.  Once broken down what each sex receives on their oysters I decided to get the male oysters with some bubbly.

Calamari I wanted to capture for another order out

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No shock for me, Jason Santos does it Again!  The former Hell’s Kitchen contestant is the executive chef behind this new location.  He currently owns one of my favorite restaurants in the Financial District, Blue Inc.  With 5 different menu options, including a kid’s menu, guests have a variety between food and beverages to choose from.  The main food menu carries appetizers ($2.50 to $17), soups & salads ($8 to $11), sandwiches & burgers ($12 to $14), individual 10” pizza ($12 to $14), and main entrees ($21 to $27).  Being that I knew I wouldn’t be stuffed after my 3 oysters I decided to add on some Crispy Buffalo Shrimp and tried the Avocado Shrimp Baguette.  I washed that down with my vintage cocktail, The Abby, for $13.  Cocktails are between $12 and $14.

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Out first were the oysters.  These lovely gems of the ocean were so tasty.  Not only were they SUPER Fresh but also because of the toppings of mango, sesame-ginger, and soy the flavor was amazing.  I had no idea oysters could be taken to this level!  My bubbly was a nice crisp, dry tasting rosé.  Next came round 2, the Crispy Buffalo Shrimp and the Avocado Shrimp Baguette.

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One of the things I must say Abby impresses me with is their presentation of food.  Not only how they place the food on their dishes but also the attention to detail of décor.  The shrimp were served on a black slab decorated with celery root puree, gorgonzola cheese, and house hot sauce.  The pairing of gorgonzola and buffalo is a nice alternative to the common blue cheese or even ranch.  The hot sauce was at a good mild level.  Mixing hot sauce and buffalo sauce can cause a fire in someone throat; I’m glad to see Santos has his formulas balanced.

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The baguette had so many amazing qualities in 1 sandwich.  First, it was light!  I’m not always in the search of a meal that’s going to fill me to the point I can’t finish it.  This sandwich has light spices, packs mega flavor, and came with tasty cucumber relish.  My only personal wish is that the fries were a little thicker, but they’re enjoyable nevertheless.

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My cocktail combined grey goose vodka, elderflower, lemon, and moët bubbles.  It might sound “girlie” but this drink could be considered a bit strong for some dolls.  If I wasn’t a small-framed person I would have attempted 2 that night, but that wouldn’t had been wise.  Bartender and Bar Manager Jarek Mountain was very helpful and accommodating, answering all my questions and helping with comparisons.  Love the staff here!

Be Very Proud Jarek!

IMG_2071 IMG_2073 IMG_2070 Next time I swing by Abby I’m going for their Brunch! I love gin and their cocktail, “Gin and Jam” which consist of gin, fresh lemon, strawberry jam, and a cinnamon sugar doughnut has my name all over it!

Abby Lane

255 Tremont Street Boston, MA





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