SHUTTER: Many Stops at Tavern Road!

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I always find it funny when I pasted by a place I used to attend or know of and then Poof, it’s gone.  So many bars and clubs have made their mark in the City of Boston to then disappear for random reasons.  However, just because these old favorites are gone, doesn’t mean what’s new isn’t better or equally appealing.  With that being said, I’d like to talk about Tavern Road in Fort Point.

Inhabiting the once home of Blue Wave Lounge, Tavern Road offers great vibes from the moment you enter mixed with savory treats and tasty liberations brought to us by the brothers Louie and Michael DiBiccari.  Louie DiBiccari is not only owner and chef but also runs an underground supper club, Chef Louie Nights, started in 2003.  Since their opening in October 2012, this casual restaurant/bar gives a loungy feel after hours with passer-byers nodding in approval of the tunes pouring out; hours of operation are Monday through Sunday 5pm-2am.

Ryan McGrale and Louie DiBiccari on the Sneak


Not everyone heads home at 10PM for work the next morning around 9AM.  Tavern could definitely become a safe haven for loungers during the week.  Recently added is the lunch menu from 11AM to 3PM Monday through Friday for the workers in the area.  Although I’m sure scrumptious, I don’t think the masses want to eat from the hot dog stand across the street on the corner EVERY afternoon.

Do It!

I visited Tavern on a Saturday, close to the time it opened and was instantly impressed.  The layout for the bar and seating arrangements for dining is clean, to the point, with a touch of flare.  Even the windows were dressed up. The artwork on the walls and columns does a great job of contrasting the contemporary feel.  Way to pop!

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The dinner menu was easy to follow.  Not like when you go to Uno’s and your looking at about 12 pages front and back.  They have starters, featured dishes, sides, charcuteries (prepared meat products; cured), and little snacks. Although prices varied, nothing was more than $20, which for me, in the city is more than reasonable.  Currently offering $18 steak entrees!  I was feeling more nibbly than hungry so I went with a couple charcuteries.  They’re kind of like tapas.  For $5 a piece I got the Smoked Bluefish Pate, Andoullie, and Fried Chickpea Bites.  What did I wash it down with?  That’s where it gets exciting, but first the food!


First out was my Andoullie, a spicy smoked pork sausage blended with Cajun spices.  These yummy little bites were perfect starters.  Served with spicy mustard and a sweet pickle.  Great compliments.  Juicy and chewy, quite delightful.  In the meantime between my plates I was served a lovely lemon, garlic bread.  Nice and warm.

IMG_1958 IMG_1957 IMG_1954 IMG_1960

Next up were my Chickpea Bites.  What I loved about these bites is the texture.  Crunchy on the outsides, soft and smooth on the inside.  I wish they came with a sauce, but then again that could have ruined it.  A yummy snack for both vegetarians and carnivores.

IMG_1965 IMG_1964 IMG_1961 IMG_1975 IMG_1974 IMG_1973

Lastly out came the Smoked Bluefish Pate.  That was INDEED so far one of the best pattes I’ve had since my discovery of charcuteries last year.  Whipped and served, tasting like a fine tuna, minus the mayo, this was my favorite bite of the day.

IMG_1981 IMG_1980 IMG_1985 IMG_1984


 Now for the drinks.  I’ve saved this piece because I was very impressed with Bar Manager, Ryan McGrale and what he intends to bring to the Boston scene for cocktails.  I got Heaven on Her Lips.  Sounds impressive right?  This concoction of gin, lime juice, strawberry and basil was created in a series of steps, one of them performed with a hand grinder.

Ryan McGrale preparing Heaven on Her Lips

As the basil rimmed my drink as a stamp of perfection, my first sip gave me a moment of bliss.  Not considered a woman’s cocktail (to me) but not overkill to be a man’s drink neither.  Just a nice happy medium.

IMG_1951 IMG_1950

The second drink I tried was featured from the Cocktails From Friends section.


This is where McGrale earns his crown from me.  Cocktails in this section are recipes given to McGrale from friends in bars all around the world.  Literally from South Africa to New York.  Not only are you getting the TASTE of the drink (prepared from a signature recipe), but it’s like as McGrale called it, “taking a mini getaway without leaving the state”.   Agreed.  I tried Blush Baby by bartender Julie Reiner at FlatIron Lounge & Clover Club in Manhattan and Brooklyn New York.  This rum based cocktail not only made me feel like a mini debutant but reminded me of summer, matching the lovely sunny weather outside.  I’m excited what’s next on this seasonal menu of liberations.  How much are these drinks?  Regular cocktails average $10 meanwhile “From Friends” are about $12.  Not too bad for a mind trip.

IMG_1945 IMG_1946

What more can I say?  GO TO TAVERN ROAD!  Do not hesitate!  I was so impressed I’ve told all my closest friends about it, and now I’ll share it with the world!


Tavern Road

343 Congress St.

Boston, MA 02210

(617) 790-0808


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