Abbott’s Frozen Custard


It’s time to switch it up!

Usually, when I want a treat to cool off I’ll turn to a popsicle that’s refreshing or to creamy ice cream.  But why not something different, like frozen custard?

What’s frozen custard? A cold dessert similar to ice cream, but made with eggs in addition to cream and sugar.  It’s quite yummy, and if you’re in Brighton, MA you should give this spot a try!

I stumbled upon Abbott’s while accompanying my sister to her job and with custard still fresh in my mind (see my Shake Shack review) I wanted to grab a scoop.

Get a Shirt!

Turns out this cute little shop is located in 5 states (Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Florida, and Colorado) and in over 30 cities.  With the first shop in Rochester, New York back in 1926 Arthur Abbot made his imprint with his frozen custard to America.  With 3 classical flavors always available (Vanilla, Chocolate, Chocolate Almond) and 42 Specialty Flavors that can pop up at any time customers are kept not only on their toes, but they know the menu won’t get boring.  That can get depressing Even with something as Happy as frozen milk.

Opened everyday from 12PM to 10PM with a reasonable priced menu of most items UNDER $5 customers have a variety of creamy goodness concoctions to chose from.

Yes, UNDER $5.


The menu is split between Sundaes (several to choose from), Novelties (Ice cream Sandwiches and their FAMOUS Turtle-which I will return to try!), Shakes and Floats, and plenty of toppings.


I got the Salty Carmel Custard in a Waffle Cone.  I hadn’t had a waffle cone since I worked at Cold Stone Creamy (yes, I worked there for 4 years through high school).  I got a kiddie size, but it was more than perfect for me.  Just enough custard and it went a LONG way.  The texture was smooth, the taste was creamy (expected) mixed with a caramel trace and a hint of the salty.  I think this is my new favorite flavor for the summer.

IMG_3810 IMG_3811 IMG_3812

I’m sure Arthur had no idea his creation would travel through time like it has, but I must say on behalf of my family we’re more than happy it did!

Like what you taste?  They CATER as well and offer packages!  Need something smaller?  Take a look in their freeze and get something to go.  They have cakes, pies, and pints waiting to make their way to your kitchen.



Abbott’s Frozen Custard

358 Washington St

Brighton, MA 02135

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