Taste of Columbus!


Hospitality Group that is.  Last night I had the Honor to sample foods from All 5 of the company’s restaurants (Sorellina, Mistral, L’Andana, Mooo…, and Teatro) at Mistral in the Back Bay for the Taste Of Columbus Hospitality Cocktail Party.  This was the company’s first event showcasing each eatery but after their turnout and feedback last night I’m certain it won’t be their last!


Before I got to the tables I was greeted with pizza options left and right.  Very comforting.  I don’t remember all the toppings on each but I remember thinking, “I need to make space to eat all this…invisible potbelly, EXPAND!”

I started off with Sorellina’s Chilled Peas “Zuppa” with Lemon Ricotta Crema and Chive Blossoms.  I’ve never had a “chilled” soup before, however because of Sorellina’s daring idea I will consider it next time when the opportunity presents itself.  The texture of the soup was just right; full of flavor and thickness, not watery or slimy.  Very easy to sip on.


XV Beacon Hotel was there representing both their lovely accommodations for resting, as they were voted #1 hotel in Boston, and Mooo…. Restaurant.  Moo…. offered Beef Sirloin Sliders with a  Mooo…. Sauce and Camelized Onions in a Homemade Roll.  This was a treat.  The meat was so tender; I was saddened that I couldn’t finish the whole thing.  I LOVE Camelized onions so reading that it was a topping made me immediately snatch one up.  I’m having brunch at Mooo…. in the near future, and since they just switched up their menu I’m quite excited to attend their “Over The Top Brunch” that happens every Sunday.





Update via Instagram. @Taralj

L’Andana gave us a nice taste from the sea using a Swordfish Shish Kabob with Wood Roasted Peppers, Onions and Cured Tomatoes.  That was my first time eating swordfish and I honestly enjoyed it.  Granted I come from a fish eating family but there was something about the texture that was familiar yet new.  An obvious soft chew and light on the tongue plus I loved how the surrounding of vegetables didn’t take away from the fish itself.


Mistral was my next stop.  I felt like the chef knew I was coming and aimed to please.  I enjoyed (and Inhaled) a Sushi Grade Tuna Tartare with Crispy Wontons, Ginger and Soy.  Amazing!  I plopped the whole thing in my mouth.  So good.  The tuna soaked up the ginger and soy at the bottom while the wontons remain crispy and enjoyable at the top.


I ended my food portion with Teatro, the restaurant I attend when I’m taking in a show at the Majestic Theater on Tremont St.   They offered a Handcrafted Fig and Prosciutto Sausage with Spicy Tomato, Brodo (a clear yet intense flavored broth), and Shishito Pepper.  Very good.  Tender, full of flavor, definitely something to try when I have another outing in that area.


Of course I got parched throughout my samplings and conversations so I headed to the bar and grabbed a #springthyme drink made of Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Rhubard Thyme, Lime, and Soda.  So refreshing!  The perfect drink for us all to forget about the nasty misty (spitting) rain outside and pretend it’s really patio season in the city.


I enjoyed myself at this event.  Not only did I get to meet new people, but I got to try out what each restaurant involved in the Columbus Hospitality Group had to offer in one location.  Now to visit EACH and get the full-blown menu!

Thank You So Much!  Xo.



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