Tara Jackson

Loving the sun in Cozumel, the coconuts from the island, and never wanted to return to work.

If there’s one thing all my friends can say about me is that I love being entertained.  For me food and beverage has been something that’s peaked my interest since 2009 with being able to legally combine both at that time.  I was amazed by how many options there were for food and also how great it could be complimented with a beverage.  It seemed like striking a gold mine for my palette.

Currently living in Boston, MA I come from a Jamaican background so to some I’ve been eating things that are considered “weird” or “strange” most of life for example Ackee and Saltfish, Red herring and Dumpling, Cowfoot, Chicken foot, and Chicken Liver just to name a few.  The first cuisine I fell in love with once deciding there’s more to life than McDonald’s and Red Kidney Bean Soup was Italian.  I just finished the 9th grade and a summer college program took my class to VinnyT’s of Boston (R.I.P) which was in the Back Bay where currently Back Back Social Club resides. I remember at the time thinking all I know about Italian food is spaghetti and meatballs (which I did order that day…the shame) But when I left I felt I opened up to the world of Italian cuisine.  I started exploring more Italian chains like Maggiano’s and, of course, Olive Garden (oh, the “joy”).  But then it hit me and I realized at some point after to incorporated other chains, and other types of cuisines like Chicken Madras at Milon Bangladesh Indian Restaurant in New York CityKalbi Korean BBQ at Samurai in Boston to name just a couple things.

I am proud to say today my taste and love for food has expanded PAST chain restaurant and I am unafraid to stray away to up-and-comings, as well as mom and pop shops which is what this blog is about.  My dream is for everyone to at least try a restaurant they’ve never heard, visit a location they would never go to, pretty much, step out of their shell with food.  Mix that with a drink and some atmosphere and you Never know what you’ll discover and where it could take you.

Email: taralj@outlook.com


Fish and Chips Sushi at Empire in Boston at Seaport Waterfront.
Fish and Chips Sushi at Empire in Boston at Seaport Waterfront.
Eggs Benedict with Salmon at Essex in L.E.S. NYC
Eggs Benedict with Salmon at Essex in L.E.S. NYC

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